New Loan Program Offers Rates as Low as 3.875%

Here at Keystone, we believe that your home should be uniquely designed to meet your lifestyle and design preferences. In uncertain times, finding financing for your new home can be challenging. We’ve partnered with one of our preferred lenders to create a loan program offering rates as low as 3.875% to help you achieve your dream home today!

Once qualified, you have access to a rate that is lower than today’s 30-year fixed interest rate! This is achieved through 30-year amortization, with the rate fixed for the first 15 years.

Jumbo Rate: 3.875%
APR: 3.976%

Conforming Rate: 3.99%
APR: 4.437%

To take advantage of this program, please schedule an appointment with a New Home Advisor by calling 717-368-9831!

DISCLAIMER: Rates as of June 20, 2022 and are subject to change. Valid for new customers and agreements from 6/20/22-6/30-22. The 15/6 ARM is a 30 year adjustable rate mortgage with initial fixed rate period 15 years. After the initial fixed rate period, the rate and monthly payment can adjust based on the current value of the index (Secured Overnight Financing Rate “SOFR”, as published by the Federal Reserve Bank of NY) plus a margin of 2.75 on Jumbo Loans and 3% on Conforming. The first adjustment would occur after year 15 of the 15/6 arm. The maximum rate adjustment would be limited to 5% above the initial start rate at the time of the first adjustment period and 1% each subsequent period. After the first adjustment, the rate could adjust every 6 months until maturity, with a maximum rate increase at the lifetime cap of 5% above the initial start rate at time of settlement. The illustration does include a 2% discount fee paid by Builder to obtain this rate. This is not an offer of credit, terms illustrated are based on a 740 middle credit score, rate lock for 60 days with 10.01% down Jumbo and 5% down conforming. Conforming loan amounts are at $647,200 or lower, Jumbo loan amounts are at $647,200 or higher.


  1. I’m interested in knowing more!

    — Kirsten Dos santos /
    • Hi Kirsten! Our Online Advisors will reach out to your email or you can call 717-368-9831 for more information!

  2. Where are your homes located ?

    — Greg Tyler /
  3. Can you show us a math example
    Showing a possible increase.
    Is there ever a chance that the loan does not go to 9% APR @ year 16

    — Justin Mcmichael /
    • Hi Justin, Our New Home Advisors would be able to show you how your buying power can increase by using this program! They can also clarify all the details of how the rates may change after 15 years. Please call 717-368-9831 so we can assist you further!

  4. Help! Questions? I have questions about what this all means. Thanks

    — Lancy Cash /
    • Hi Lancy! We’d be happy to address your questions. Please call us at 717-368-9831 so we can set up an appointment for you! Thanks!

  5. Hi, i have already started loan process with preferred loan lenders, what is the criteria to get this low interest rate! Thank you!

    — Asmita Shrestha /
    • Hi Asmita! Please reach out to your New Home Advisor or call us at 717-368-9831 so we can connect you! They will be able to assist with details on the program and if you’d like to many any changes!

  6. I have Guild mortgage, is it possible to switch this one with a lower rate. please advise.
    thank you
    David Tenhwa
    Note: only emails as am out of the country until july.

    — David Tenhwa /
    • Hi David, please contact your New Home Advisor so they can assist with your specific financing needs!

  7. what is the name of the company

    — Donald Bryant /
    • Hi Donald, this program is using our preferred lender from First National Bank.

  8. I have already initiated a loan process with Keystone preferred lender. Would like to know more on this offer. Thank you.

    — Hemant Gawade /
    • Hi Hemant! Please reach out to your New Home Advisor directly so that they can provide more information! Thank you!

  9. I am interested in this program

    — Hamza Zaidi /
    • Hi Hamza! Please call 717-368-9831 to schedule an appointment to learn more!

  10. Are VA loans possible with this program?

    — Priscilla Ivey /
    • Hi Priscilla, our New Home Advisors would be able to assist you with preferred lenders that offer VA loan programs! Please call 717-368-9831 to schedule an appointment!