New Interior Features!

At Keystone Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on innovative design. Learn more about our latest interior design features now!

Our New Interior Features

If you thought we had a lot of interior features to choose from before, we just added more! Our new design features include new trim packages, color concepts, and siding options.

Trim Packages


We have now started offering ship lap, which has turned into of Keystone’s more popular design option, perfect for adding a distinctive touch to your home. Other trim packages include our Artisan trim and Craftsman trim.

Color Concepts

New home owners are loving the new white and gray concepts in their homes, particularly our new whitewash hardware flooring. This design feature, along with our new lighter tiles, are a must-have when designing your dream home. Along with our new trims and flooring, we are now offering new molding that brings all these new interior features together.

Siding Options

Along with our interior features, we also have new siding options. One of the most popular one is our Misty Shadow—grey siding with our new white door options continues the favorite gray and white color schemes. These are just a few of our many interior design features that we have to offer. When buying a home from Keystone Custom Homes we want to give you every possible option to create a home you and your family will love!

For more information our new homes and features please contact our Online Home Advisor Barb DiBrito at 877-513-0385 or visit