10 Tips for Moving with Your Pet!

Sweetbriar878Moving is a very stressful process, and moving with your furry friend can make that process a tad more difficult. It can cause a lot of anxiety for you and your pet, so we have come up with 10 tips to ease the move!

1) Pet ordinances: Before you move with your pet, you should become familiar with the state/province leash laws, pet ordinances, and pet licensing requirements.

2) Vet visit and obtaining pet records: Talk with your veterinarian about traveling with your pet and they can recommend behavior modification tactics or medications that might ease the process. Be sure to obtain your pet’s medical records for your new vet.

3) Time to get a new vet: Have a new vet lined up before you move; your pet may need additional vaccinations, medications and health certificates based upon your new address.

4) New ID tag: Your pet will need a new ID tag that includes your pet’s name, your name, new address, and telephone number. Remember that this tag will serve as a lost pet’s ticket home.

5) Stick with the routine: Pets love their routine, so do your best not to stray too far from it. Gradually pack over a period of time to help ease their anxiety with all of the movement and clutter. Your furry friend will adore you if you keep the schedule normal with less commotion.

6) Safe travel: Travelling with a pet should not be taken lightly to avoid injuries to both your pet and yourself. Vehicle pet barriers, pet seat belts, pet car seats, and pet travel crates are great solutions for travelling safely with your pet. You will also want to get your pet acclimated to the restraint of choice weeks or months ahead of time so they are comfortable.

7) Accommodations for your pet: Whether you are taking a few days to move or need to make overnight stops when travelling to your new home, you will want to seek out places that your pet may stay, such as with a friend, family member, at a pet hotel, or with a pet sitter.

8) Travelling by air: The airline will require a clean bill of health from your veterinarian, so make sure to check with both the airline and your veterinarian to make sure that your pet will be safe to fly and that you have the right documentation.

9) Stop stressing: Pets can sense your anxiety and so keep as calm as possible. Moving is typically a crazy and hectic time for you, but it’s important to keep relaxed.

10) Communicate effectively: Talking to your pet may seem bizarre to some, but talking with your pet about the move can actually help relieve stress. Even though your pet won’t understand, they will feel calm if you are calm.

If you plan ahead and are prepared then moving with your pet into your new home in Lancaster will be a breeze! For more information about how you and your pets (and family members too!) can build your dream home, visit www.keystonecustomhome.com.