Jeff Rutt Inspires HOPE

HOPE InternationalCEO and founder of Keystone Custom Homes, Jeff Rutt, also has a knack for philanthropy. Considered a leader in charity and business, Rutt sat down and answered some questions about his nonprofit endeavors with HOPE International and Homes for Hope (H4H).

What inspired the creation of HOPE International? Years of working in the space and seeing a need for person or microfinance.

Is HOPE International planning to spread to other countries beyond its current 17? Yes, we are always looking to spread our message.

How often do you get to travel with HOPE International? You seem so busy! I participate in HOPE trips a couple times per year.

What are the requirements to attend/participate in a HOPE trip? We welcome anyone with a curiosity and a passport to participate in our cause.

Is Peter Greer someone you knew outside of HOPE International? Yes, briefly, before his current leadership of the organization.

H4H builds homes across nine US states. How are the areas selected? Purely by builders who are interested in creating dignity in families around the world.

How do you find partners that will build pro bono for H4H? Normally by networking and strengthening relationships and referrals.

If someone decides to donate money, where do the funds go? Less than 20 percent of funds are spent on general and administrative expenses and fundraising. This amount is recognized by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability as acceptable, not to mention that Charity Navigator has recognized HOPE International as an excellent steward of donor resources. The remainder of donations offer loans to those in impoverished areas with no other means to grow and stabilize.

Do you host fundraising events to benefit HOPE and H4H? Yes, we currently have a tennis event coming up in July, taking place in Johns Creek, Georgia, as well as our annual golf tournament in York, Pennsylvania on September 16. Our calendar is available online.

HOPE International takes a Christ-centered approach to philanthropy, but do not require those they help to share the same beliefs or faith. HOPE’s goal is to offer discipleship, training and an opportunity to create a savings account, as well as small loans to help businesses launch or expand.

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