Six Cleaning Mistakes Everyone Makes

Maintaining a clean home can be overwhelming and a project in itself, a project that can be simplified by correcting these common cleaning mistakes.

1. Incorrectly loading silverware in the dishwasher

The age-old argument: should silverware be placed in the dishwasher facing up or down? The answer is neither! It is understandable to place all your forks facing up to prevent damage to the prongs, but knives and spoons should alternate up and down to allow enough exposure to the water. Not to mention, if your spoons all face the same way it should be no surprise that they end up, well, spooning (and obviously not getting clean).

2. Cleaning windows on a clear sunny day

If you are waiting for a bright sunny day to clean your windows, you will only end up with streaky glass thanks to heat and light encouraging your cleaning products to evaporate before you can wipe them clean. If cleaning windows is on your list of things to do, consider the time of day carefully: early in the morning or at dusk is an ideal time, when the sun is weakening. Whether you squeegee or use a microfiber cloth, even an overcast day would be a better window-cleaning time than the latter.

3. Spraying cleaners directly on surfaces

Spraying products directly on surfaces actually has an adverse affect and causes buildup because most of the time, you end up using too much cleaner (yes, that’s a thing). Spraying directly on a microfiber cloth is more effective and uses a minimal amount of cleaner. In fact, cleaners should not be used every time you clean. A barely-damp cloth will work just as well and not result in buildup or over-slicked surfaces.

4. Making your bed

According to Mother Nature Network (MNN), an unmade bed could be better for your health. Dust mites, the nasty microscopic relative of ticks and spiders, eat the dead skin we shed while we sleep. They thrive in warm, humid environments, so why would you encase them under your warm sheets during the day when you’re not getting your 40 winks? Pull the sheets down to the end of the bed and let your bed breath – eventually the mites will dehydrate and die.

5. Vacuuming in the wrong direction

There’s not necessarily a wrong way to vacuum as much as a better way to vacuum. MSN Lifestyle reports if you vacuum towards the baseboard, you will push dirt under it that will likely get stuck there forever, or even find its way back onto your floors. Vacuuming parallel to the baseboard prevents this from happening. Vacuum the edges of a room first and work your way towards the middle while alternating your direction to “lift, separate and untangle fibers.”

6. The toilet bowl brush

Just because you rinse your toilet brush after use, doesn’t mean it should go right back in the holder. It is common knowledge that moisture breeds bacteria and Real Simple’s solution to drying your toilet brush before returning it to its holder is just that, real simple. Sandwich the handle between the toilet seat and the base, with the “business end” suspended over the bowl to drip-dry. Leave it there for at least 10 minutes or until completely dry before returning it to the holder.

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