How Clients Can Prepare Their Home When Selling to Potential Buyers

Once clients’ have made that vital decision to list their property, they might need some help preparing their home for potential buyers. No worries! We have compiled a list to help aid clients in their journey. As a PA Realtor, share with your clients the following tips to help sell their home in no time!

1. Let There Be Light!– Pull up the shades, open the drapes, and turn on the lights. By bringing in natural light and making the rooms look more comfy and cozy, buyers will feel happier, relaxed and at home upon entering.
2. Have Some Refreshments– Buyers may feel more at ease when making the nerve-racking decision to buy a home when they are greeted with some light refreshments and cookies, candy or crackers.
3. Keep Your Personal Information Safe– Put away any personal items such as checks, wallets and jewelry into a locked safe to keep valuable items secure and protected.
4. Take Care of Your Pets– Find a place for pets to stay for the day; maybe treat them to an overnight stay at a kennel, or find a pet sitter for the day.
5. Clean, Clean, Clean– Clean up, and rid the house of clutter before buyers’ arrive.
6. Open the Ambiance– Open the windows and closets to let buyers see the spaciousness of the room and the capacity of the closets. The size of the closets is a really big selling point to buyers.
7. Take Out the Trash– Things as simple as taking out the trash will make the room feel less cluttered and rid of any unpleasant smells that it may add upon entering a room.
8. Go Out for the Day– Buyers may feel intrusive or uncomfortable looking at the home if the current owners are there, so take a vacation or enjoy a night out on the town while the home is being shown.
9. Pay Attention to Senses– Make the room feel more homey and welcoming by paying close attention to the aroma of the room. The smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies is sure to win over buyers, or try a scented candle to fragrance the space.
10. Appeal to the Sense of Sight– Although a current homeowner may love how their yellow walls bring the feeling of sunshine and happiness to the room, potential buyers’ may not feel the same. In order to avoid a crash in opinion, take the guessing out of it by repainting all walls a neutral color.
11. Simplify the Décor– An old-fashioned, retro-style home may be ones choice of décor, but potential buyers may not feel the same. Keeping it simple is really the best option here.
12. Allow Nature to Have a Place in Your Home– By adding some plants in a vase, or potted plants to the home, whether it be to maximize space or to add a simple touch to the room, brings positive energy and provides attraction. Just be sure that the plants are in good health and are bug free.
13. Fit the Scale of the Room– Get rid of all that bulky furniture that may make the space appear smaller than it actually is. It will also help create a flow in the rooms to ensure people are bumping into anything while touring.
14. Organize Closets– Keeping closets open and welcoming is a good thing, but keeping them alluring is even better! Make sure clothes are hung up nice and neat, while keeping the floor clean and clutter-free.
15. Tackle Your Chore List– Is there a list of chores that was supposed to get done but was put off? We’ve all been there, but now is the time to muster up the energy and start working on that list! Whether it is hanging up a painting, or Keystone Custom homefixing the faucet or mowing the lawn, now is the time to get cracking.
16. One Word: Makeover!– Little tweaks and improvements to a home can make the world’s difference when attracting buyers. Is the living room too cluttered with old wall hangings and knickknacks? Revamp the room by adding new and updated furniture. Is the kitchen in need of polishing? Fix the faucets, hinges, fixtures and be sure to update the appearance of the room with modern furnishings.
17. Create an Ambiance– In order for buyers to get the proper introduction to a home, showcase the uses of each room to the buyer. Showing buyers that each room has a use will greatly increase the chance at selling the home.
18. Make the Bathroom Feel Like a Spa– Making the bathroom look and feel more elegant and modern adds attraction to the room and thereby increases the chance of a sale. This can be done in simple steps that are cost-effective and won’t break the bank. For less than $30, a bathroom can be decorated with stacked washcloths tied with a ribbon, some scented candles, and bath mats and towels in a neutral and coordinating color.
19. Put the Seat Down!– Most may already know this simple fixation, but closing the toilet lid can help provide cleanliness when photographing and selling a home.
20. Spruce Up the Entrance and Boost Curb Appeal– First impressions are everything! For buyers who are on a tight budget, make an outstanding and lasting first impression. Keep the lawn well-maintained and fresh, add flowers and keep current flowers healthy. Curb appeal is everything when selling a home so be sure that it is properly kept.

Follow these tips to help get your clients home ready for the market! To learn more about Keystone Custom Homes and its communities, visit