It’s Earth Day!

Energy/Plus HomeEarth Day seeks to raise awareness of the constant need to protect the environment. There are many issues that need attention such as deforestation, shortages of potable water and widespread pollution. Efforts have to be taken to protect our planet’s resources and Earth Day is a great reminder of that.

At Keystone Custom Homes, we do our best to build homes with the environment in mind. We go to great lengths to create high performance homes that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, high quality and financially smart. Our goal is to save energy and buyers’ money, while helping to preserve and protect our natural resources for future generations.

We attain this goal through a variety of inventive ways. By installing insulated exterior doors, utility costs stay down and excessive cold and heat are kept out of your home. Keystone’s house wrap is an additional layer of protection that keeps the framed walls from both moisture and air infiltration. Our Low Emittance coating on windows reflects the heat while allowing natural light to pass through. This coating helps to reduce energy consumption and block harmful UV light from coming in. Your window treatments, flooring, and furniture will last longer as a result.

Keystone Custom Homes understands the impact our environmental actions have on future generations. Therefore, we recycle our drywall waste and vinyl siding scrap in natural, innovative ways to keep our landfills as free as possible from construction waste. Our roof trusses are engineered and designed specifically for each home, so no jobsite waste is created. Along with that, our engineered floor joists are pre-cut to length to reduce landfill waste.

We’re making the world a little greener, one home at a time. Join us in protecting the environment every day, not just on Earth Day. For more information on our Energy/Plus York new homes, visit