“License to Chill” About Your Winter Heating Bill

The groundhog may have predicted an early spring, but we’re still expecting freezing temperatures during the next couple of months. With our heating guarantee, your clients won’t have to pay more than $490 in annual heating costs for the first two years of homeownership.* In comparison to previously owned homes, that’s a savings of $1,500 a year. Punxsutawney Phil would surely like that!

Keystone Energy Plus homes are designed to save homeowners money year-after-year on heating AND cooling costs. These high-performance, high-quality homes are not only energy efficient, but they are also eco-friendly and financially smart. Take a look at some of the factors Keystone utilizes in building such money and energy-saving homes:

Keystone uses high R-Value (r-38) insulation in the ceiling, r-21 insulation in the 2” by 6” framed walls to provide greater energy efficiency and structural stability and r-11 insulation in the concrete basement walls so your home is protected from top-to-bottom in all seasons. The higher the R-value, the better your walls will resist the transfer of heat.

Additionally, Keystone’s house wrap also adds an additional layer of protection that keeps the framed walls from moisture and air infiltration, and to keep excessive drafts out, Keystone “Super Seals” every single wood-to-wood joint in the shell of the home!

Lastly, did you know that if you turn the thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours a day, it is estimated that you could save about 10 percent annually on heating and cooling costs? Keystone’s programmable thermostats allow homeowners to synchronize their thermostats to their family’s schedules to reduce energy consumption when no one is home.

As a PA Realtor, do not let buyers overpay for heating this winter season. Get them into a Keystone Energy Plus Custom Home today! For more information, visit www.KeystoneCustomHome.com or call 877-513-0385 for complete details.

*Only available on homes serviced by natural gas. Not available on homes which use a heating source other than natural gas (electric heat pump, propane, etc). The guarantee is based on the actual costs to heat the home and so the average non-heating costs per month will be eliminated from the total costs per year to determine the actual costs to heat. Homeowner must collect 12 months of gas bills and determine the average cost per month for their gas bills between May and September. This monthly average cost will be used to determine non-heating costs (i.e. cooking, water heater, etc) and will be deducted from the total for the 12 months of expenses. Should the homeowner’s annual heating bill exceed $490, they are to submit their calculations and copies of their bills to: [email protected] for review. If the costs exceed the guarantee, Keystone will send a check to the homeowner for the amount that exceeded the guaranteed amount. Some restrictions apply. See New Home Advisor for complete details.