Decorate Your Keystone Custom Home for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Ready RoomDecorating your Keystone Custom Home for Valentine’s Day is both fun and affordable. It is a great way to spend time and celebrate with your loved ones. Our Manchester floor plan provides a spacious kitchen, which is the perfect place for celebration. Turn your breakfast nook into a temporary craft zone! If your kitchen gets too much traffic, take advantage of your private study. Use the study’s ample space and privacy to let your creativity flow without interruption. Whether you are crafting alone or with others, there are countless homemade decorations that are easy to make and look great in the home.

One popular decoration is paper flowers. Rather than spending an astronomical amount of money on basic red roses, make your own arrangement of paper flowers. You will need paper-covered floral wire, mini and regular cupcake liners, and a needle. Make sure to grab fun colored cupcake liners to make the flowers even more festive. This is a great craft to do with children. You can then place the paper flowers on your dining room table, kitchen counter, or wherever you want and add some color to the room. You could even set them in the study to brighten up the space.

Another fun activity is baking and your baked goods can double as home décor. Make sugar cookies in the shape of hearts and add some icing and sprinkles. Arrange the cookies on a plate and set it on the island in your kitchen. Now you have a Valentine’s Day decoration. If you don’t enjoy sugar cookies, bake some cupcakes and add some pink icing to the top instead! You can even turn your cupcakes into a bouquet for the center of your dining room table. These are a few delicious suggestions that will both look and taste good.

An additional Valentine’s Day decoration is a photo vase. Photo vases are a great way to showcase the ones you love throughout your home. Simply get a few glass vases and pick out your favorite pictures of the important people in your life. Next, carefully roll and place a photo in each vase. This easy-to-make decoration will add a creative look to your home. You can display them on your fireplace mantle, windowsill, or any other surface you’d like.

Whatever way you decided to decorate your home, make sure to have some fun doing it! Decorations don’t have to be expensive and can add a little something extra to your home. For some additional ideas, check out our Pinterest board and create your own board to show off how you decorate your Keystone Custom Home for Valentine’s Day!

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