Make the Right Decisions When Building a New Home

Keystone Custom HomesHave you made the decision to build a new home? Congrats! Before you begin the process, be sure to follow these tips:

Select a builder. Before hiring, drive-by a builder’s past and current jobsites to get a taste of what they can do. If you can, speak to some of the homeowners and ask them these questions about the builder:

• Was your home completed on a schedule?
• Did the builder have good follow through?
• Did the builder stay on budget?
• Were you pleased and would you hire them again?

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a builder is, do not select your builder solely based on their quoted price. A high bid does not necessarily guarantee a better-quality product and the lowest could result in extra, added-on costs as construction develops. At Keystone, we are so sure that you will be pleased with your experience that we offer referral incentives and have multiple past-client testimonials posted on our website.

Schedule a pre-construction meeting. Keystone involves our clients in a number of steps throughout the building process including a pre-construction meeting with our home buyers before we break ground. Then, we follow-up with a customer orientation between the home buyer and our Construction Manager to help familiarize you with what to expect in your new home’s features. Then, once the builder has completed framing and mechanical rough-ins on the house, you will meet with the builder again as a quality control measure. We try to make the building process as involved as possible, but other builders might have different methods.

Build for your future. As far as the actual construction of your Lancaster new home, we suggest building for your future. We hope that your Keystone Custom Home will be yours for generations to come. When planning the layout, consider where you might end up as a family down the road. For older adults, the owner’s suite on the main floor would be an excellent consideration. For future thought, perhaps a walk-up basement suite for grandparents that can be used for guests now. One of the most expensive parts of any house is the foundation and the roof. Building a two-story home instead of a one-story home doubles the floor area while dividing the costly square footage of the foundation and roof. Conveniently, Keystone offers a 30-year warranty on our roof shingles along with many other reinforcing advantages within the structure.

Consider energy-efficiency. Something else to consider, are you looking for an energy-efficient home? If not, you should! There are tons of tax credits for owning an energy-efficient home. Some of these innovations can be more costly upfront, but the long-term return on investment is evident, especially with the new tax credits that return a percentage of the cost to purchase and install. Keystone Custom Homes now offers Energy/Plus homes that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, high quality and Lancaster new homefinancially smart. “Planning for the future” does not just affect the layout of your home, but planning how efficient your home is can help preserve and protect our natural resources for future generations.

Keystone Custom Homes is here to help you create your dream home. With 44 communities growing across Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, we are sure to have the perfect spot to build your new home. For more information, visit or call (877) 513-0385.