Kick off the New Year in an Energy/Plus Keystone Custom Home

Energy/Plus HomeKick off the New Year in an energy/plus home! Builder Keystone Custom Homes offers a variety of high-performance homes that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, high quality and financially smart. Save money and energy while helping to preserve and protect natural resources for future generations. It is a win-win!

Through 20 specific features, each Energy/Plus home provides added comfort and protection, increased savings on utilities and a lasting impact on the environment: For instance, Keystone applies a Low Emittance (Low-E) coating on windows to reflect heat while allowing natural light to pass through. Low-E windows help reduce energy consumption and block harmful UV light which can damage your skin, wood, fabrics and can cause colors to fade. With Low-E windows, homeowners will not only be more comfortable but their window treatments, flooring and furniture will last longer. For a more cozy basement and crawl space, floors are made with concrete and a vapor barrier and drainage system to prevent moisture accumulation and possible mold growth, making for a healthier home overall. Additionally, ductwork joints and connectors are sealed to minimize air leakage while every single wood-to-wood joint in the shell of the home is “super sealed” to help keep excessive drafts out.

Increased savings are provided in Keystone Custom homes through the use of programmable thermostats that can be programmed to any family’s schedule to reduce energy consumption when no one is home. Each Lancaster new home also has a custom HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system designed to provide comfort to every room in the house while still lowering cooling costs, and a standard water heater provides ample amounts of hot water while working at 90 percent efficiency.

To supply a lasting impact for future generations, Energy/Plus homes recycle drywall waste and vinyl siding scrap in natural, innovative ways. Roof trusses are engineered and designed specifically for each home so no jobsite waste is created. In addition, engineered floor joists are pre-cut to length reducing waste that would end up in a landfill. These joists are also resistant to splitting and warping and reduce or eliminate squeaky floors.

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