Holiday Decorating Tips and Tricks

Worthington Home in WinterThe holidays are quickly approaching, which means it is time to decorate your home for the season! Decorating your home can put you into the right holiday cheer. However, decorations can sometimes be costly and can be an overwhelming task to set up around your home, which may leave you in a holiday rut.

These simple holiday decorating tips and tricks will help you deck the halls in your home, and they will save you money along the way!

To create a mantel with extra flair, use holiday cards to bring out some color and sentiment. You will need a stick or string, two vases, and clothespins. First, collect family holiday cards from previous years or buy a pack from the dollar store. Using the clothespins, drape them along a long stick or string suspended between two vases. You can put them in chronological order and date the pins to remember the year you received them. To complete the look, drape garland or tiny lights against the mantel to bring out a pop of color. Lush greenery draped around the house, especially on mantels, doorways, and staircases, creates an inviting and woodsy holiday atmosphere.

There are many unique ways to create inexpensive wintry centerpieces. Fill beautiful glassware of different sizes with candies such as peppermint and candy canes, as well as sugar and mini marshmallows. Then, place candles of different colors inside the display. Use holiday colors such as light blue, red, and green. To incorporate the outdoors, fill the glass vases with pinecones. You can add some extra sparkle by spray-painting them gold and silver, or leave them as nature intended. To add extra shine to your centerpieces, fill glassware with an assortment of silver bells.

Don’t let ornaments that may get lost in your tree go to waste this season. Instead, show them off around your Lancaster County new home! Thread them with different lengths of thin ribbon or string, and then tie them to a long, wide ribbon wound along your banister. You can also place them along the mantel or hang them on the chandelier or ceiling tops. Adding embellishments such as ornaments can add depth to your holiday décor.

While the decorations on the tree are gorgeous to look at, sometimes what is underneath the tree can look bare and bland. To create a full holiday look under your tree, use holiday gifts you will be giving this season as décor in your home before you give them. Choose a coordinated group of papers, bows, and adornments that look great in your home, and stack them throughout your house on side tables. Don’t hide them in the closet or under a bed to get them out of the way. Make them stunning, and enjoy them yourself for as long as you can.

With these simple holiday decorating tips, your home will be warm and bright for the season. Be sure to enter our Winter Wonderland Pinterest contest to show us how you decorate your Keystone Custom Home for the holidays! For more details, visit