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Farmhouse Style Home Guide

Rustic, modern, and full of intentional design details, farmhouse style homes are here to stay for a reason. This popular design showcases open layouts, barn-style doors, and wide plank flooring. The style lets you mix tradition with a modern touch, allowing for a contemporary twist. The neutral color palette, adorned with warm shades, creates a serene look while elements such as such as clean lines, warm woods, black accents, and industrial lighting contribute to the overall aesthetic. Farmhouse style homes use simple but meaningful decor, blending textures and vintage touches to create an inviting atmosphere, as showcased in our Covington Farmhouse at Retreat at Boyertown Farms

What is a Modern Farmhouse Style Home?

Inspired by traditional farms, the modern farmhouse style home embodies an inviting architectural approach defined by design elements like gables, rooflines, and door and window trim. This traditional style focuses on open living areas, welcoming front porches, and exposed wood elements. Enabling the natural flow of light through interconnected rooms, the modern farmhouse creates an atmosphere reminiscent of traditional farmhouse living, providing a sanctuary to retreat to after a long day. 

Modern Farmhouse Design Elements

Elements of the farmhouse aesthetic typically incorporate a particular layout, color, and interior design accents. The following are design elements that define this farmhouse style home: 

  • Layout: Modern farmhouses focus on an open layout with barn-style doors and wide-plank wood flooring. This spacious floorplan fosters a sense of seamless flow creating an inviting living experience. 
  • Color: Providing a shift away from vibrant and bold patterns, the farmhouse-style home incorporates a neutral color palette, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment to come home to. 
  • Interior design accents: Clean lines, warm woods, and subtle black accents add stunning detail to the farmhouse style homes. Combining industrial lighting, shiplap, and black metal window frames, this style home blends modern elegance with the classic beauty of farmhouse design.  

View these elements in ourCovington Farmhouse Model Home at Hampton Heath

Modern Farmhouse Interiors vs. Exteriors

A modern farmhouse blends design elements from both country and contemporary aesthetics. The interior design often pairs rustic woods with modern metals. Simple wall treatments such as shiplap and minimal clutter tie the home design together. The exteriors incorporate shutters and a spacious front porch, creating a welcoming outdoor space. Modern farmhouse exterior paint colors typically include gray, metal, or black shades. Rustic lighting fixtures, reclaimed wood, and metal accents tie the farmhouse's modern style and the traditional farmhouse style together.  

Modern Farmhouse Colors 

Modern farmhouse colors offer an effortless blend that is visually pleasing to the eyes. Some popular colors include warm and cool neutrals like white, brown, beige, and gray as well as natural earthy tones including greens, blues, and yellows. 

  • White: A common choice in modern farmhouse design, white paint, furniture, or accents make the room feel bright and open.
  • Warm neutrals: Modern farmhouses often embrace warm neutral tones, which complement the natural light and work well as a backdrop for rustic decor. 
  • Cool neutrals:  Cool neutrals like gray and blue can visually expand spaces, creating an open feel in rooms while providing a naturally soothing experience. Additionally, they allow for easy coordination with various styles and accent colors. 
  • Earthy tones: Earthy accents not only connect you to nature, making you feel more grounded, but also provide warmth, enhanced lighting, and potential stress reduction.


Modern Farmhouse Style vs. Other Home Styles

The modern farmhouse style sets itself apart from other home styles through its combination of contemporary and rustic elements. Unlike other homes that may stick to specific architectural periods or design themes, modern farmhouses blend sleek lines and minimalistic designs with rustic textures and warmth. This style of home often features open floorplans and large windows and prioritizes simplicity, functionality, and timeless design.

Why Design A Modern Farmhouse Style Home with Keystone?

Keystone Custom Homes showcases expertise in crafting beautiful farmhouse style homes across a wide variety of counties from the mid-Atlantic to the southeast. As one of the top 100 homebuilders nationally, Keystone has been named America's Best Builder three times by Builder Magazine. Our success is driven by the simple philosophy to build above and beyond for customers, fellow team members, and the global community. To get inspired for your dream home, visit the photo gallery here. 

Meet the Dunn Family - owners of a beautiful Augusta Farmhouse in our Kellerton community located in Frederick, Maryland! Along with a stunning Farmhouse exterior, they incorporated a maximalist interior design making this home truly custom to their taste and style.  

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