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What Are Quick Move-In Homes?

A Quick Move-In Home, or spec home, is a new construction home that can be purchased on an accelerated timeline.  It is somewhere in the build process, from "under construction" to "ready now" and is actively listed for sale. This means buyers are able to purchase a brand new home and move into it within a short period of time. The benefit of a quick move in home is that there is little to no build time to wait for – it’s ready to go! 

Interested in learning more about quick move-in homes? Each quick move in home is unique, featuring a variety of floorplans and design features. You can also learn more about home building costs and how long it takes to build a home with Keystone.

What are the Benefits of buying a Quick Move-In Home?

Quicker Timeline

One of the defining benefits of quick move-in homes is the abbreviated timeline from contract to close! It is common for all structural and design choices to be pre-determined for a spec, which equates to saved time spent in meetings, waiting for permitting, and pre-construction. Depending on the status of the home at contract, customers have the ability to participate in the remaining build process, culminating with our Celebration Walk-Through at the home's completion!  

Fewer Decisions

Choosing thousands of options can be overwhelming. By choosing a new build quick move-in home, homeowners can rest assured that the selections made have been reviewed by our Design Team and will provide a cohesive, finished look. This new home will provide a blank slate that is able to be personalized with paint, furniture, and décor after moving in.

It's Brand New

Spec homes offer the benefits of new construction without the timeline! Enjoy materials and finishes in new condition and the cost savings attributed to energy-efficient, new homes. Learn more about the benefits of buying a new home vs an existing home.

What are the Features of a Quick Move-In Home?

Keystone Custom Homes has a variety of quick move-in homes available in PA and MD are designed to fit a variety of lifestyles and tastes. Using some of our most popular design options in our open layout floorplans, each quick move-in home is built with our customers in mind. 

Designs vary from home to home, but frequently include an upgraded Kitchen package, upgraded Bath package, and other stunning options offered throughout. Every quick move-in home from Keystone Custom Homes comes with our industry-leading warranty and is ideally-located in one of our communities in PA & MD.

To learn more about the features of a Keystone Custom Home, visit our build your home page.

What is the Difference Between a Quick-Build & Quick Move-In Home?

We take great pride in our quality construction, which is why Keystone Custom Homes are stick-built onsite using 2×6 framing. Our standards are the same for our custom built homes as well as our quick move-in homes. Don’t mistake quick move-in homes for quick build houses! Quick build houses do not measure up to the handcrafted quality you will find in every Keystone Custom Home.

How do I Purchase a Quick Move-In Home?

To get started, find one of our quick move in homes in PA or MD that is right for you. Schedule a tour of the home so you can see all the wonderful details come to life in-person! Our team will guide you through the rest of the process, from securing financing, to completing any remaining construction items, and all the way to settlement!

Schedule an Appointment to Find Your New Home

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