Decorate Your Keystone Custom Home for Autumn!

new home in LancasterWith Halloween quickly approaching, it is time to decorate your home for a fantastic night of frights.  Whether you caught the crafting bug from creating homemade Halloween costumes for your kids, putting together a cute assortment of decorated pumpkins, or if you’re dabbling in the art of Halloween decorating for the first time; we have homemade Halloween decoration tips and tricks to make it easy to set the eerie mood without spending a scary amount of money!

To achieve an effortlessly easy scary living room, use white sheet-draped chairs to give your room the look of ruin.  Then, string a cheesecloth “cobweb” across decorations such as a mirror or picture frames. It will give off the appearance that the room has not been used for hundreds of years. Setting a dark ambiance in the room, such as lowering the blinds and dimming the lights, will also help to make the white sheets and cobwebs stand out. The ragged looking cobwebs can also be hung in entryways to your home.

Dining rooms are the perfect space to create a similar look of Dracula’s parlor. By using materials you already own, you can bring the scary look to life. First, coat columns made for tiered wedding cakes with matte-gray spray paint. Next, use black or red candles to place into the columns. Light them to complete the Dracula look. You can also add more to the room by placing dark colored tablecloths on dining room tables, and decorate centerpieces by adding tiny plastic spiders and bugs around the table.

When decorating for Halloween, it is important to not only utilize your indoor space, but your outdoor space as well! Use different sized pumpkins to cascade a display of Jack-O-Lanterns that will be visible from your front entryway. You can position them on their sides or stack them on top of one another. Bare-limbed trees on your front lawn also provide the perfect perch for a variety of decorations! Place LED candle lanterns, cobwebs, and faux ghosts and crows on the limbs of the trees to make a fearsome scene.

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party, setting the stage for trick-or-treaters or just decorating for fun, there are tons of ways to craft low-cost decorations for Halloween at your new home in Lancaster! For more design trends and news, keep up with the Keystone blog at