Don’t Let Fall Be the Downfall of Your Home

new home in LancasterFall is one of the best times of the year! The leaves look amazing, the weather begins to cool, the air becomes crisp and pumpkins invade everything from coffee and desserts to breakfast items. Yes, fall can be fun and refreshing, but it can also take a toll on your home. Keep your home well maintained with these general maintenance tips:

The Roof. Homeowners tend to forget about roofs because they only need updating about once in a home’s life. However, experts recommend a visual inspection of your roof to ensure there are no visible cracks, missing shingles or other imperfections that may leave a roof vulnerable to changing weather.

The Gutters.  Gutters are another rather important part of the overall health of a home, and there are few people who enjoy dealing with them. Homeowners can save lots of time and hassle by getting on a ladder and clearing out the gutters of leaves, dirt and other obstructions. This will provide a clear path for rainwater to drain properly and keep it from spilling over the sides and leaking into the foundation of the home.

The Windows and Doors. A great way to save energy and money during the fall is to check for drafty windows and doors. Make sure to take a long, hard look at all home entry points including where wires and cables enter. Add weather stripping to windows and doors and sealing, such as caulking, to other points of entry to the home. This will save lots of time, money and headaches as winter approaches.

The Yard Gear. As it gets colder, the backyard will be used less and less. Consider removing any objects that won’t do well in cold weather, such as outdoor furniture, the lawnmower, the hose, the BBQ grill and anything else that may not take kindly to being frozen and thawed multiple times! Remember to turn off the water to outdoor faucets, and disconnect all hoses from the exterior of the home. This will help avoid any water from freezing in the hose or the faucet, which will ruin these objects. Also, remember to clean your BBQ grill prior to storing it. Leftover food stuffs caked on the grill can destroy the integrity of the appliance and its inner workings. Leaving old, cooked-on food can also attract one of nature’s peskiest insects: ants!

Don’t let fall get you down! Although the cold weather is upon us, fall is one of the best times of the year!

Take a weekend to complete all home maintenance tips and preparations and then take a visit to a pumpkin patch. Go “leaf-peeping,” and enjoy the gorgeous changing foliage. Visit an apple orchard to pick ripe apples. Ride through Lancaster to enjoy farm country and, while you’re out there, stop by one of our many communities to find a new home in Lancaster!

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