Your Look Into Multi-Generational Living

Multi-generational families are making progress in the homeowner market. Lately, there has been a higher demand for multi-generational homes across the nation. Multi-generational families include more than two generations living in one home. Most of these families include parents, grandparents, and children. Keystone Custom Homes provides multi-generational homes for your multi-generational clients. We like to keep up with the trends and provide every need for your clients.

According to the article, “Multi-Generational Households”, there are many reasons for homes becoming multi-generational:

• Millennials are beginning to marry at a later age, so recent graduates are continuing to live with their parents instead of settling as a homeowner.

• With immigrants continuing their journey to America, most families live with each generation, refusing to leave each other.

• Not every parent wants to put their older parents in a care facility, so the children provide a living space for them instead.

Most of your multi-generational clients could include three generations in their family or two adult generations (young adults continuing to live with their parents after graduation). Sometimes it is difficult to find the best home for these clients, but we provide several floor plans they can enjoy.

Our Arcadia, Pinehurst, Dawson, Oakmont, and Augusta models each present an owner’s suite on the first floor of their homes. Your clients’ older generation could live comfortably with a first floor owner’s suite, while the younger generation can peruse the second floor. Only the Arcadia features a first floor home plan with additional bedrooms on the same floor. The Pinehurst is similar to the Arcadia, but has smaller bedrooms on the second floor. Comparatively, the Dawson can feature an additional bedroom on the second floor along with its initial bedrooms, and the Oakmont and Augusta provide lofts that can be turned into bedrooms.

As a Pennsylvania Realtor, we want your clients to find the best home for their needs. Our new community, Glenwood Estates, provides these floor plans that are suited for your multi-generational clients. Visit our communities page for more details on these beautiful homes in Berks County.