End of Summer Gardening with KCH

You still have time to garden before the heat dies down at the end of summer. Although the heat index is usually at its highest in August, you’re still able to grow flowers, plants and vegetables before the fall season begins. Flowers and vegetables will be the highlight of your garden and provide a beautiful setting for the front of your home and your backyard.

The summer heat can destroy your garden in an instant, especially with the wrong plants in your garden. Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) has an abundance of articles relating to gardening tips for any season. In the article, “August Gardening Tips for the Northeast”, BHG recommends flowers and vegetables that can brighten your home and get you ready for the fall season. Black-eyed Susans and Threadleaf tickseed, flowers similar to daisies, are available in white, pink and yellow colors. Make sure to get rid of your old flowers so new ones can bloom in season.With the excruciating heat, water is a necessity in saving your garden. According to the article, don’t try to water your garden in the afternoon because the heat will dry the water before it can soak deep into the ground. Your plants could look a little shabby, but once you water them, they will recover from the heat. Sometimes it’s best to water your flowers in the evening, before the sun goes down or in the early morning for a refresher.

As far as vegetables go, tomatoes and peppers are the things to grow at the end of summer. They will be ripe just in time for fall, and you can enjoy them after they fully blossom. Herbs are also great to prune and grow during the month of August, when the weather is a little dryer. As the article states, to keep your garden lively, leave your garden shears and pruners behind, watch over your vegetables and do not fertilize your roses. If you continue to poke at your greens, they will continue to grow and won’t be able to last through the winter. Fertilizing roses will keep them growing, and you won’t be able to stop them before the winter, where they can wither and die. Also, ignoring your vegetables is a bad habit because they could be ready to harvest this season.

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