Get Sizzling With Your Summer Selling

Realtors know the best season to sell homes is in the summer. Although the weather can be a little sticky this time of year, families are ready for an upgrade. Showing homes to your clients during the summer will leave them wanting to spend the rest of the season in a brand new home. Summer is a great time to clean and decorate the home, so that it’s ready to use for the next family. It will make the buying process a lot easier when families see beautiful decorated homes.

According to, summer is the perfect season to sell homes for your clients. Families move during this time because the children are out of school, and it is easier for kids to transition into a new home and school district in the summer. Don’t wait to tell your clients the benefits of buying a new home in the summer.

Decorating homes is another key feature that plays a part in the buying/selling process. Once your clients see new homes that are fully furnished, they’re able to see a bigger picture. Our model homes offer your clients an experience they will never forget. Keystone Custom Homes are pristine and beautifully decorated, perfect for showing.

We also have 25 quick move-in showcase homes perfect for Pennsylvania Realtors to sell. One of our quick move-in homes is the Franklin Heritage in the community of Castleton. Located at 111 Basil Street in Marietta, this designer model home in Lancaster is a perfect fit for growing families. With a kitchen that opens to the family room, along with three bedrooms, including the owner’s suite with private bath, your clients will have the perfect amount of space to live happily in this home. Summer is truly the best season to sell homes to your clients, and they won’t be able to wait to see what’s in store for them. View all of our quick move-in showcase homes here.