Meet the KCH Team Monday – Eric Shultz, Senior CAD Designer

Eric Shultz, Senior CAD Designer
Eric Shultz, Senior CAD Designer

Say Hello to Eric Shultz, Senior CAD Designer

Tell us about something you do in this role that others may not realize you do?

My primary role is to accurately and efficiently produce client plans for client meetings , permitting & releases.  In addition to this I daily spend time reviewing & analyzing the pipeline report and shuffling priorities around and assign tasks to each drafter so we as a team can accomplish the necessary volume in a given week.

What is your favorite part about working at Keystone Custom Homes?

My favorite part in addition to drafting house plans would be being a part of a team that is so hard working and dedicated to their work with great passion.  So many on our Operations team day in and day out continually “lay it all out there” to help us as a team excel in what we do.  For this reason I’m grateful to contribute too and be a part of this team.  (Oh…and ping pong in the cafe!)

What do you see is the biggest “Wow”  feature of our homes? 

The Venetian bath package as well as open floor layouts I feel has created distinct “Wow” factor within our home designs.

What is something people wouldn’t know about you?

Outside of Keystone you’ll find me spending a lot of time with my family.  Spending time with my best friend/wife and amazing daughter gives me great joy.  In addition to time with family I enjoy being in God’s creation by being in the woods in my treestand in the fall or pedaling mile after mile on my road bike to relieve stress.  Grilling, family trips to Ohio, camping, sitting around the campfire eating mountain pies are other summertime favorites of mine.

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