Save Thousands on Operating Costs with a New Home

Keystone Custom Homes Maintenance GraphThink that a new construction home is out of your price range? Think again. Homeowners of a Keystone Custom Home can save thousands on a new construction home compared to a resale home month over month, all costs considered. Data from nationwide housing surveys offer proof. Buyers save money on newly constructed homes due to reduced energy and maintenance expenses.

Concerning maintenance: The American Housing Survey showed that just over one-quarter of all homeowners spent $100 or more per month on various maintenance costs; but only 11 percent of owners of new construction homes spent that much. Seventy-three percent of owners of new homes spent less than $25 per month on routine maintenance.

Concerning energy: Owners spend 13 cents less per square foot on electricity in new homes per year (78 cents per square foot for resale compared to 65 cents per square foot for new).  For owners of homes with piped gas, the average cost per square foot per year is 53 cents; the average cost for new homes is only 38 cents per square foot per year.

With a Keystone Custom Home Energy Plus new home, utility costs are even lower, thanks to insulated exterior doors, high R-value insulation, “super-sealed” joints, energy-efficient HVAC systems, hot water heaters and appliances, programmable thermostats and more.

Real estate experts and home inspectors recommend homeowners budget anywhere from 0.75 to 4 percent of a home’s value for maintenance, depending on the age of a home. The older the home, the greater the percentage will likely be. In your search for a new home, take into account these costs and you may be surprised to learn that a newly constructed home can be more affordable than a resale home.  Do the math to give you an idea of a home’s true cost each month (principal and interest, taxes, utilities and maintenance).

Keystone builds Energy Plus new homes throughout the Central Pennsylvania area. Learn more about the savings found in new construction homes by contacting any of our sales agents; call 877-513-0385 or visit