Share the News: $490 Heating Guarantee

If your clients are like us, they love experiencing the first snow of the year, building snowmen and escaping inside to hot chocolate and a fire when the cold gets too much. But if they’re like us, they also hate high heating bills and inefficient heating systems that skyrocket costs and waste energy.

To fight those uncomfortably high bills and eliminate wasted energy, Keystone’s homes are built to Energy/Plus standards for better insulation, minimized drafts, and reduced energy consumption. Following Energy/Plus guidelines helps reduce construction waste, energy waste and ultimately makes homes more weather-proof and cost effective.

Because we believe in the integrity of our Energy/Plus constructed homes, we offer a $490 heating guarantee to our customers. If heating costs in one of our Energy/Plus, natural gas homes exceeds $490 in 12 months, we promise to pay the difference directly to your PA real estate client.

We can offer this guarantee without reservations because we know the difference that Energy/Plus standards make in the construction of a home, and we stand behind our work. If your clients are looking for an energy efficient, cost effective new home, we offer our heating guarantee as proof that a Keystone Energy/Plus home is what they need. Check out all that Keystone has to offer today!

For more information and complete details about Energy/Plus and our $490 heating guarantee, look at the “Specials” and “The Keystone Difference” tabs on our website,, or call (877) 513-0385.