Swap Your Home this Fall

Sadsbury ParkChanging leaves and sweater weather are just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for a change of your own with our House Swap Program! Moving can be complicated with transitional wait time and uncertain outcomes, and we want to ease the process by enrolling you in our own version of Certain Sale.

With House Swap, we co-manage the sale of your current home while we build your new one so you get the smoothest possible transition to your new life and get the most equity out of your old home. You will never have to make two mortgage payments under House Swap or live in temporary housing, and we promise to get you the highest market value on the sale of your old house.

Our staff will work with you to get professional marketing on your old home—through an outside real estate professional or from our in-house consultants—and work with you throughout the process of selling until you are settled in your freshly built Keystone Custom Home. As soon as you receive mortgage credit approval from our lender and complete enrollment in the Certain Sales program, we begin building. That way, you can move into your Chester County home right on schedule!

The colors of fall will take on a whole new beauty seen out the window and in the yard of a brand new dream home. We believe in this program and would love to talk with you and answer your questions. Call us at (877) 513-0385 to find out more information.