Energy Plus Homes Are Heating Up

When it comes to funding your new home, some of the most taxing costs stem from your monthly utility bills. Keystone Custom Homes wants to help combat this burden for your clients with our Heating Guarantee. For the first two years of ownership, we guarantee that your clients’ heating costs will not exceed $490 per year or we will pay the difference.

The strength of our Energy Plus homes’ standards makes it easy to make this guarantee. Custom HVAC systems and programmable thermostats lead to increased savings. The $490 number is based on the amount of natural gas necessary to heat a home. If a buyer performs the annual heating bill review and finds incurred heating costs to be over $490, they can submit their calculations and bills to the Keystone office to be reviewed. If the amount exceeds the guarantee, Keystone will write the homeowner a check for the extra amount.

Our $490 Heating Guarantee could save your PA real estate clients a lot of money by purchasing a Keystone Energy Plus home compared to another. On average, Keystone Energy Plus homes save upwards of $1,500 each year compared to used homes. When compounded throughout the course of homeownership, these yearly savings add up. In fact, the amount saved on heating could even make up for the price difference of purchasing a new versus used home!

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