DIY: Vibrant Summer Centerpieces

Paradise home in LancasterWanting to decorate seasonally without redoing your whole dining room? Adding a centerpiece to the dining table is a quick and easy way to jazz things up!

We have compiled a list of five DIY centerpieces from My Life and Kids. From summer dinner parties to family dinners, these bursts of seasonal pizzazz will have the whole table talking!

1.    Glitter Vases. This DIY project is perfect for those who love glitter and sparkle but don’t want to over-do it! Simply mod-podge glitter to a vase or mason jar for a look that’s perfect for parties, weddings or just for fun!

2.    Tin Can Vases. Save your empty tin cans from the recycling bin to make these simple, charming vases! Simply remove the labels, clean them out and spray the cans with wall texture. A rusty look can be achieved by lightly rubbing an ink pad over the surface.

3.    Rope-Wrapped Centerpiece. To add a seaside feel to your dining room table, simply coil and hot glue a rope around the body of a vase. The result is the perfect balance between nautical and natural.

4.    Mason Jar Centerpieces. Mason jars are one of the summers greatest trends, and they just so happen to make the perfect small centerpieces. The possible combinations of acrylic paint and patterned paper are endless, so you can mix and match to create options that fit the décor of your dining room.

5.    Outdoor Grassy Centerpieces. This modern take on the centerpiece is perfect for outdoor dining. Using cinderblocks and potted tall grass, these centerpieces will provide a zen feel that’s perfect for summer.

With all of these fun DIY options, decorating for your next party at your new home in Lancaster, PA will be easy and budget-friendly! Keep up with the Keystone blog for more design trends and real estate news at