Mortgage Payments for a Year: Do Your Clients Know?

Have you told your clients about one of Keystone Custom Homes’ best offers? The Live FREE for a Year promotion offers home buyers the amazing opportunity of not having to pay a mortgage for the first 12 full months in their new home! Whether your clients are looking at a home in Harrisburg or Lancaster, they will be welcomed with a year free of mortgage payments.

Keystone’s Live FREE for a Year promotion is a great opportunity for any home buyer, and when we say “live free for a year,” we mean it. Keystone wants homeowners to enjoy the process of settling down and making a new house their home, and what better time to do that than within the first year? Think of it as Keystone’s housewarming gift.

The Live FREE for a Year promotion could play a big part in your clients’ decisions, so make sure they know about it. It can bring them one step closer to turning a home of their dreams into a reality.

With beautiful homes in 44 communities located throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland, this is an amazing opportunity for all of the great PA real estate agents to share with their clients. Some other distinguished features Keystone offers home buyers are prices that fit almost any budget, great financing programs and our popular House Swap program.

Keystone wants to give your clients the best housewarming gift, so make sure to tell them about this incredible deal. For more information about the Live FREE for a Year promotion, call 877-513-0385. Some restrictions apply. Visit a sales center for complete details.