Help Spread the News about People of Hope

Spread People of Home with Harrisburg new home neighborAs you’ve already read, our People of Hope campaign is off to a great start. We’ve already shared about Storm Master and AAA Painting Group.

Recently, we sent out a release to share the news about the campaign:

“Keystone Custom Homes is excited to announce its latest social media campaign. Called People of Hope, the campaign promotes Homes for Hope. This charitable nonprofit organization builds homes across the nation on a largely pro bono basis to help end global poverty.

Through blog posts and social media updates, Keystone Custom Homes will share the stories of the people of Homes for Hope, including builders, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants. All contribute countless time and money to build homes that generate revenue for HOPE International.

This microenterprise organization empowers entrepreneurs in 17 developing countries to start or expand their businesses through the provision of small loans, basic business training and savings services. These entrepreneurs do not want charity. They want a chance to work and provide for their families.

 “Since starting in 1998, Homes for Hope has built 70 homes and raised over $10 million for HOPE International,” said Jeff Rutt, founder of Homes for Hope and CEO of Keystone Custom Homes. “We could not help so many people break out of poverty without the People of Hope. This campaign is our opportunity to share more about these extraordinary builders and trade partners while spreading the word about Homes for Hope and HOPE International.”

To meet the People of Hope, visit Keystone Custom Homes on Facebook. Then, make a Homes for Hope donation today. Donations help build the Homes for Hope program across the country, building more homes and raising more revenue to help end poverty.”

To help spread the news even further, please share the above with your friends, family, coworkers and Harrisburg new home neighbors!


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