People of Hope: Meet Storm Master

Storm MasterWhen storms arise, gutters channel water away to protect the foundation. They also reduce erosion, prevent leaks and reduce painted surfaces from water exposure. Therefore, gutters are essential to homes. That is why our first People of Hope post is about the amazing company, Storm Master.

Established in 1977 in a small Jersey garage, Storm Master has expanded to cover all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The company offers aluminum gutters, copper gutters and LeaFree gutter protection. Storm Master stands behind its services with outstanding customer service.

The company got involved with Homes for Hope after finding out what the organization was all about.

“As a company, we try to get involved with as many community projects as we can,” explained Rocky Marasli, one of the managing partners at Storm Master. Our goal is to give back to the communities we are working in. With Homes for Hope, we get a chance to make this happen globally.”

During Homes for Hope projects over the last four years, Storm Master has installed gutters on homes for Lancaster new home builders free of charge. This donation allows the organization to build homes in order to generate more revenue to help people around the world work themselves out of poverty.

“Helping with Homes for Hope and other organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, gives your life more meaning,” said Marasli.

So, gutters don’t just help protect your home during storms, they also help save lives. To get involved with Homes for Hope like Storm Master, click here.