How to Create a Buzz on Social Media

Keystone on FacebookPennsylvania Realtors, are you trying to make a name for yourself as a realtor? Not exactly sure what to post on social media sites? Well, Keystone Custom Homes is here to help you!

Our generation is becoming so technology based that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now crucial tools which are essential to use. But don’t just think you can just create a profile and be done with it; you must use it effectively and build a network. This network will help you build new relationships and give you a competitive edge against other Realtors.

Above and Beyond

Not only should you make a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account, but look into other popular social media sites as well. We at Keystone Custom Homes have a YouTube channel for example; we post tours of some of our best homes and reasons why people should buy our homes. We are also on Pinterest and Google+.

All of these different portals allow followers, clients and potential clients to enjoy videos, articles and photos and to get to know your company from the comfort of their own home. Purpose

A real estate professional’s main purpose on social media is to attract buyers who are looking for a new home. Well, how do you do this? Research.

Research your potential customers and find out what they are interested in learning about the real estate world (i.e. home sales, important factors to look for in a new house, current tax laws, etc.), and post about what they want to know or should know.

Posting Tips

When you post on one of your outlets, try to use attention grabbing words and remember to use images.
Additionally, post about local events occurring in your community. This will help grab the attention of friends and followers.

Lastly, Post tips for both homeowners trying to sell and buy. To do so, you can post links to good articles or videos on how to present your home when you’re trying to sell it or a link on things that often get overlooked when purchasing a new home.

Don’t be afraid of social media, embrace it and take advantage of it! If you stay consistent and active on your accounts, you will create a buzz and even gain more customers. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!