Stay Up-to-Date with Education and Construction

Keystone Custom Homes works with the best Pennsylvania Realtors. Besides knowing everything from the home’s location and history to what new developments are being planned in the city, they keep up-to-date with education and construction trends. Staying on top of these two things puts them ahead of the competition.

How to spot new construction:

One sign that an area is on the rise and will be attractive to buyers are new roads, schools, parks, etc., being built. Certain types of developments, like shopping centers, may be eye-catching to buyers or investors as it may help keep the tax base low. New construction is a sign that the community is being set up to grow. Spotting new developments can be as easy as looking out your car window to visiting town hall’s road and building departments.
How to keep up with continuing education

Realtor requirements in Pennsylvania vary. If you have a salesperson license, you must have successfully completed 14 hours of Commission-approved continuing education during each two- year license period. There are many online services that have a variety of courses that can be done at the learner’s convenience. Most of these courses allow the learner to complete the course on any computer, anywhere. Continuing education classes can vary from fair housing, ethical practices, environmental hazards, understanding housing trends, knowing your way around investments and more.

So, be aware of surrounding construction trends and continuing education, research online and know your stuff!