Save while Building Lancaster New Homes

Lancaster new homesA recent article in The Patriot-News discussed how to plan for a no-regrets home. Here at Keystone Custom Homes, we also believe it is important to save money by buying from a builder who’s homes are financially smart, energy saving and high quality. When the above characteristics are combined, a high value is returned, and we believe that is what our buyers deserve.

It is important for a builder to let you make choices, so we make it a priority to ensure that you are in total control of what options are put in your home. At Keystone Custom Homes, we are with you every step of the way. From pre-construction to closing, we are here to answer all your questions and address your wants and needs. It is essential for us to get to know what is important to you as a home buyer, and we will help you make the best decision in the process.

All of our Lancaster new homes are energy efficient, meaning that our buyers could pay nearly half of what they normally would for energy in their previous homes. These high performance homes are built with 2×6 construction opposed to the standard 2×4, all the while remaining eco-friendly.

Some important questions to consider when creating your dream home include:

•    What is the ultimate goal for your home?
•    What should be done now to save money in the future?
•    Is the home long-term livable?
•    Have you taken steps to register the products in your home and take advantage of the manufacturer’s extended warranties?
•    Will upgrades that enhance curb appeal become more costly in the future?

At Keystone Custom Homes, it is our job to help answer these questions for you!

Start the Keystone Custom Homes journey today, and begin creating your dream home. For more information on our, call 877-513-0385 or visit