Time to Spring Clean Your Chester County Home

Spring cleaning Chester County homesWouldn’t it be nice to get a head start on spring cleaning? We think so! Just use the check list below, and cleaning your Chester County home will be easier than ever.


□    Remove and clean window coverings
□    Dust light fixtures
□    Wash cabinet doors and knobs
□    Clean and organize pantry (Remember to throw out expired foods)
□    Clean oven
□    Clean stove top
□    Clean and organize fridge and freezer
□    Clean under fridge and stove
□    Wash counters and backsplash
□    Sweep and wash floor

Living Room

□    Vacuum sofas
□    Wash throw pillows and blankets
□    Clean lamps and lampshades
□    Wash windows and window sills
□    Clean television screen
□    Dust electronics
□    Wash walls and trim
□    Sort books, movies and games
□    Vacuum floor


□    Dust furniture
□    Vacuum (Remember to vacuum inside the closet)
□    Sort through clothes, and donate unwanted items
□    Move bed and vacuum
□    Wash bedding and curtains
□    Dust lights
□    Wash windows and window sills


□    Sort through cabinets and vanity
□    Clean tub and drain
□    Clean toilet inside and out
□    Clean sink and drain
□    Shine faucets
□    Clean mirror
□    Dust light fixtures
□    Sweep and wash floors

After cleaning, your home will be ready to entertain! With our open floor plans priced from the $200,000s and Ballymeade, Brandywine Preserve, and Lamborn Hunt, guests can hang out in the gourmet kitchens or relaxing living rooms.  For more details, visit Keystone Custom Homes on Facebook.

In addition to our tips, which other ones do you have on your spring cleaning list? Let us know in the comments below!


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