Key Advantages: 2×6 Inch Walls

Our Pennsylvania new homes offer buyers a number of key advantages. One such advantage pertains to wall thickness – specifically, our 2×6 inch walls.

Most older homes were built with 2×4 inch walls. These walls are less expensive, and they are what most buyers are already accustomed to, so many new home builders believe their buyers won’t know the difference if they build their new homes with these same walls. The problem is, 2×4 inch walls offer far less insulation than more costly 2×6 inch walls. That means colder indoor temperatures in the winter, warmer indoor temperatures in the summer and skyrocketing energy bills. Plus, they are not nearly as strong as 2×6 inch walls. That means a weaker house structure.

Keystone Custom Homes believes that whether or not buyers know the differences when it comes to wall thickness, they deserve quality building materials for their money. Our Pennsylvania new homes are built with 2×6 inch walls for a stronger structure, better insulation and lower energy bills. In fact, some say that this wall thickness provides about 40% better energy efficiency. You don’t have to be “green” to get excited about that; you just need to be a homeowner that likes saving money on utility bills.

To learn more regarding our key advantages, continue visiting our blog regularly. We look forward to discussing more of our unique advantages with you.