Keystone Homes House Swap Program!


Does upgrading to the home of your dreams also mean selling your existing home? If so, you’ll be excited to hear about the Keystone Custom Homes House Swap program! This is a revolutionary opportunity for those who are ready for their dream home, but need to sell their current home first. With our exclusive House Swap program, you can avoid the pitfalls of selling an existing home while purchasing a new one. What are said pitfalls? Just a few include:

–        Making two mortgage payments until the sale

–        Temporary housing situations as you wait to move in

–        Dealing with prospective buyers

–        Acquiring the down payment on the new home

How can we help you steer clear of those inconveniences? By co-managing the sale of your existing home, while we also help you handle your purchase of a Keystone Custom Home. We’ll help you with the details, so you can enjoy a seamless transition from one home to another – yes, a real House Swap! And once the sale is complete, we put the equity you’ve earned on your current home toward the down payment of the Keystone home you’re purchasing from us. This is a win-win!

Check out the video for details; then, contact us with your specific questions. We’re excited to start helping you achieve your dream!


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