Decorating the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has evolved considerably over the years; in fact, the master in today’s new homes is no longer a bedroom, but rather a “suite.” Who can blame a homeowner for wanting a spacious place to retreat to at day’s end? Not us! At Keystone Custom Homes, we encourage our buyers to personalize their master suites to reflect their needs, tastes, and lifestyles. Some ideas we’ve recently come across include:

Use color: It may sound obvious, but using color is the key to achieving the vibe you want. For the bedroom, this means avoid loud and bold (you may love apple green in the family room, but it’s hardly conducive to relaxing and sleeping) – and instead, opting for a muted, serene palette of creamy neutrals, or soft blues, greens, or yellows.

Take advantage: Of space, that is. Think of the bedrooms you really admire; they all have well-planned spaces, don’t they? Small cubbies, open shelving, and built-ins allow for multiple storage options, giving you a place to keep personal items, family heirlooms, and valuables safe.

Think ambiance: Whatever kind that works for you. If you love large windows, accent yours with light window treatments that let the light in. If a fireplace is what you want for evening comfort, consider installing one (or purchasing an electric one). Seating areas are a great way to add some atmosphere as well.

For more ideas on decorating the master suite of your Keystone Custom Home, feel free to speak with our design center. Our design coordinators are always glad to share their knowledge and creativity with our owners.