Ways to Sell Your Existing Home: Indoor Tips

Last week, we gave you outdoor tips for preparing your existing home for sale – so that you can enjoy a new home as soon possible. This week, we want to highlight new ways to speed up the process of selling your home – things you can do to spruce up your indoor spaces. Consider these indoor-focused tips for selling your home:

Cut the clutter: Whether they see it while walking through in person or in pictures online, potential buyers are immediately turned off by the presence of clutter. Your personal affects will prevent buyers from visualizing the home as their own; so even if you are still occupying the home, getting rid of as much clutter as possible is a must.

Give a new coat: Of paint, that is! There’s no need to paint the walls in custom colors; in fact, doing that is not recommended. Instead, coat the walls and ceiling in a fresh coat of white paint. However, if your home features attractive crown molding, you may wish to leave the molding white and paint the walls cream so the molding really stands out. This is a trend that is really catching on, and proving to be quite effective.

Light it up: Buyers love a home with lots of light. Even if your home features lots of natural light (or, even if it doesn’t), installing track lighting is a great way to give it a modern edge with more buyer appeal. Additionally, a nice chandelier in the dining room (or a less-formal lighting fixture over the kitchen table) will draw people in as they envision their own family meals.

Ready to take these tips and run with them? Great! Keystone Custom Homes is glad to help you take another step toward moving into your new home.