Decorating Your Guest Room

Ah, guest rooms: They’re a mixed blessing, aren’t they? Sure, you love that there’s an extra bedroom for friends and relatives who come to call. On the other hand, that’s one more room for you to furnish and decorate – and it’s not even used very often!

But decorating a guest room can actually be fun. Think about it: You can play it safe and save money, or you can go wild and crazy because the items aren’t likely to wear and tear. It all depends on your budget. Check out the following ideas for decorating a guest room:

Think hospitality: As in, hotels. What goes in a hotel room? Clean colors for the bedding and plenty of towels come to mind. Guests appreciate a quiet, serene palette in a guest room.

Provide extras: Also in a hotel: shampoos, soaps, lotions and cups. Guests need those little extras at their disposal to feel comfortable. After all, would you want to ask your host for those things?

Create interest: Excessive art isn’t necessary, but one good focal piece on the wall can spruce up a blank room. A framed poster or painting that appeals to a variety of guests can be the key to putting instant personality on a guest room.

Other nice touches when decorating a guest room include a full length mirror, a shoe basket, and plenty of closet hangers. Oh, and don’t forget to clean out that dresser drawer! For more ideas on decorating a guest room, contact the design coordinators at Keystone Custom Home. They will be glad to help!