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How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in PA & MD?

When considering how much does it cost to build a house, there are many factors to consider that will influence the base price and the final price of a home! In this post, we will discuss the overall costs to build a new home, the average cost of new construction per square footage, and building On Your Lot.

Overall Costs to Build a New Home

At base price, every Keystone Custom Home is structurally sound, energy efficient, and fully functional. The cost to build a house can be broken down into a few basic categories: land & development, the base home, and options.

Land Costs

There are many costs associated with preparing land to be built on. These factors include developing the land, installing roads, installing utilities, and more.

Prices on our website include a basic homesite. Every community has homesites that have an additional cost/premium if, for example, they are larger, on cul-de-sacs, or back up to woods. Please let your New Home Advisor know if you are interested in a homesite with a premium so that we can be sure to factor it into your overall budget!

Basic Home Costs

From foundation to roofing, your new home is fully functional at base price. Framing, walls, roofing, windows, siding, basic flooring, heating, air conditioning, appliances, countertops, cabinets, lighting, smoke detectors, and so much more are all included in the cost to build a new home. Many of these included features also provide exceptional energy efficiency, saving you money over the lifetime of your home!

Ask your New Home Advisor for our full, specific list of included features!

Option Costs

Keystone offers thousands of options to fully customize your home. Available at a variety of price points, our Design Team will work with you to find the perfect options to complete your home. Personal Choice Requests (PCRs) offer even more extensive custom options and give you the opportunity to work directly with our team to bring your dream home to life.

Average Cost of New Construction per Square Foot

The pricing on our website includes the basic home and a basic homesite. Because the cost factors vary greatly by homesite, we do not calculate the cost per square foot to build a house.

All of our new home floorplans have customizations available. Be sure to chat with our Online Advisor to find out how you can create your dream home!

How Much Does It Cost To Build a New Home On Your Own Land?

Our On Your Lot program allows you to build your dream home within 20 minutes of an active community. Whether you already have land purchased or are looking to find a homesite, our On Your Lot (OYL) team will speak with you to calculate how much it will cost to build a house on your land. Our estimates are free to complete and are guaranteed through the whole process. The estimate will include any site work that needs to be completed (such as utilities, storm water management, etc.). Contact us to learn more or to schedule an introductory phone call with our team!

Schedule an Appointment and Start Building Your Dream Home

Keystone Custom Homes has a variety of home floorplans and design styles available to meet your needs. Chat with a representative to schedule an appointment and build your new home today!

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