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How Long Does It Take to Build a New House in PA and MD?

When building new construction, 9-12 months is the average completion time it takes to build a house. Learn more about New Home Construction Timeline, New Home Building Timeframes by Square Footage, and the Best Month to Start Building a House by reading below! Want to know what homes we offer? Take a look at our new home floorplans.

New Home Construction Timeline and Stages

When considering how long does it take to build a house, there are many contributing factors:

Community’s Development Status

If the community is established and developed, the timeline may be shorter. Brand new communities or communities in the presale process will take longer. The New Home Advisor for your desired community can provide an accurate home building timeline estimate.

Status of Your Desired Homesite

Homesite readiness varies within each community, depending on status of utilities, construction on adjacent sites, and other factors.

Customer Timeliness and Document Completion

Our team will be in communication with each customer to provide updates and to review documents for your new home. You can keep the process moving by replying to communication received by our team and signing documents in a timely fashion. This applies from the initial contract through structural design, design options, and construction. If you have any questions about documentation or otherwise, please reach out to your New Home Advisor, Designer, or Construction Manager so we can provide clarification!

Status of Customer Financing

Responsiveness between the Lender and Customer is very important to ensure that the new home building process is not held up due to missing or incomplete mortgage documents.

In general, cash buyers are able to build a home quicker because lending documentation is not required.

Permitting Timeframe

Permitting for your new home is handled by our Permit Managers and the local municipality. Please contact your New Home Advisor for an estimate on the average permitting process in your area.

Below, we will explore the new home construction timeline, new home building timeframes by square footage, and the best month to start building a house. Ready to get started in your new home search? Find a community in your ideal location or take a look at our new home floorplans.

Personal Choice Requests

If you choose to customize your home beyond our thousands of featured design options, it may take longer to finalize the details for your Personal Choice Request.

Product Availability

Product availability may affect your home’s timeline. Given circumstances such as COVID-19, some materials have taken longer to acquire due to manufacturer delays and an imbalance in supply & demand. Our team works hard to get materials as fast as possible and has alternative options if necessary.

New Home Construction Timeline and Stages

The home building timeline is broken down step by step into 10 sections:

Step 1: Location

Select your ideal location, choosing from one of our communities in Pennsylvania and Maryland or build On Your Lot.

Step 2: Floorplan

Explore award-winning floorplans designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. Decide which floorplan you will call home!

Step 3: Agreement

Review and sign the purchase agreement with your New Home Advisor. This can be done in-person or virtually.

Step 4: Financing

Work with our Preferred Lenders to find the best financing plan for you. Using our Preferred Lenders ensures that you will get the best price on your dream home!

Step 5: Structure

Meet with your Designer to review structural options and changes to your new home. This meeting can either occur at our Design Studio in Lancaster, PA or virtually via Zoom.

Step 6: Design

Attend your Design Choices appointment at our Design Studio to select the finishes that will customize your home! Your Designer will assist you during this appointment to find designs that meet your desires. If needed, your Designer will help you submit a Personal Choice Request for further customization beyond the thousands of design choices available.

Step 7: Pre-Construction

Meet with your Construction Manager to review plans and discuss the building process.

Step 8: Building Progress

Your Construction Team will be in regular contact to review progress on your new home! We encourage you to use your MyKCH mobile app to stay up to date with photos, messages, and your home status!

Step 9: Celebration & Settlement

Your Construction Manager will introduce you to your new home before settlement at your Celebration Walk-Through! Enjoy walking through each room, testing all the appliances, and reviewing warranty information.

At Settlement, you’ll sign the final papers to complete your new home purchase and receive a personalized gift from us to commemorate the day! Congratulations & Welcome Home!

Step 10: Customer Care

Our communication does not stop with you after move-in! Our Customer Care Team will email you with important warranty information. Please take time to read through your warranty documentation and reach out if you have any questions!

Check out our new home building process for more information on the new home construction timeline.

New Home Building Timeframes by Square Footage

While square footage does impact the construction time for a house, we recommend contacting your New Home Advisor for the most accurate estimate based on your community and floorplan.

What is Considered The Best Month to Start Building a House?

The best month to start building a house depends on when you would like to move in to your new home! Our team works hard all year long to ensure that we can deliver your home in the best quality, as quickly as possible.

Moving to a New School District

If you are building in a new school district and would like to move in before the school year starts, we recommend starting the process of building your home 9-12+ months ahead of time. As always, please check with your New Home Advisor for the specific build schedule for your new community!

For other questions on new homes, please visit our New Home FAQ page.

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