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Meet The Team: Rod Broker

    Congratulations to Rod Broker on 6 years with Keystone Custom Homes! We are thankful for Rod's daily work in guiding customers through the sales process. Learn more about Rod's experience and more about his time at Keystone.

    What are the top 3 selling points of a Keystone Custom Home?

    Our sales process, amazing floorplans, and giving back!

    Our sales process is unique to the new home industry and allows our team to best understand what our Buyers are looking for in their new home, and most importantly, what that means to them. Our amazing floorplans, abundant options, and unique ability to personalize a Buyer's home through our PCR process give our buyers choices that they can rarely find in any other home.

    Our elevations and designs ensure that our buyers can be equally proud of the home they build and the neighborhood they live in.

    Lastly, knowing that a portion of every sale helps invest in the dreams of so many all across the world with Hope International.

    Favorite floorplan and why?

    The Nottingham.  Although a first-floor Owner's Suite is not of interest to me (yet), this home has a one-of-a-kind kitchen and Family Room layout.  The heart of the home in this floorplan provides a living experience, unlike any other floorplan.  The kitchen island is a focal point of any kitchen, but in this home, it is one of a kind!  The view from the kitchen island directly overlooks the Family Room and Breakfast Area.

    Best or favorite customer story/journey

    It is truly difficult to pick one buyer or one story as so many have made an impact on me over the years.  We are currently working with a 2nd time purchaser with Keystone and they had a goal to build their dream home for their family.  This is an important story and journey to me as it helps remind us that we are not just building a house, but a HOME.  A HOME for a family with goals and dreams for what they want their life to be.  In sales we always tell ourselves, it is never about the home but the life inside of it that matters.  This family shared with our sales team the home they envisioned where they could provide the space for their growing family, to share their life experiences, and allow them the space and privacy to have campouts with their children.  However, purchasing a home can be very stressful, and cost and fear can often take over a buyer's focus and cloud their vision of the life they envisioned for themselves.  This family was no different than others and left them at a point to walk away from this purchase.  But as stated earlier, it is not about the home, but about life within, and our team helping them envision the birthday parties, campouts, and holidays they would be missing out on by walking away from this dream was the reminder they needed.   We always appreciate gratitude from our buyers, but when their gratitude is for not allowing them to quit on their dream, it has a whole new meaning.

    Summary of your recent trip to the DR with HOPE International

    The DR trip was an amazing opportunity that I got to share with my son and daughter.  Being able to experience what Hope International does and how they help others, is a life-changing experience.  Seeing your children experience this firsthand is a special gift for any parent.  Sharing this experience with my children and many members of our KCH team is a memory I will keep with me for the rest of my life.  Seeing how we play a role in improving people's lives all around is such a rewarding aspect of what we do each and every day.

    Fun fact about you!

    When I was 20 and 21 years old, I worked for a small local builder in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania working in Neighborhoods in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, and Harrisburg.  At that time, I was part of the construction team (literally) building people's dream homes.  I love working with my hands, and being part of a team that took a vacant homesite and turned that into a HOME was an amazing experience.  I was part of the entire construction process from building block foundations, framing homes, and laying brick exteriors, to even running the Bobcat on-site for final grade.  I loved everything about working in the new homes industry then and that continues to this day!

    Interested in joining the KCH Team? Learn more about life at Keystone Custom Homes and apply here.