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Meet the Dunns | Augusta Farmhouse

Meet the Dunn Family - owners of a beautiful Augusta Farmhouse in our Kellerton community located in Frederick, Maryland!

Check out their full story & reasons behind their unique home features.

Why did you decide to build versus buy an existing home?

Brandy:So, we ended up deciding to build a home instead of just buying an existing one because we did have a lot of our own kind of needs and wants. We make music, we wanted to build a studio downstairs. It's just the two of us, so we wanted something that was cozy, but also spacious. And we really loved the idea of being able to put our own fingerprints on it. So, it's our own special project that we had together, and it's just been amazing being here. 

Why did you choose Keystone?

Brandy: Oh, my goodness. Why wouldn’t we go with Keystone? Keystone really gave us a lot of options that we didn't have elsewhere. We wanted to move out to Frederick. We knew that. But there are lots of builders. So, we started checking them out. And Keystone allowed us to have a lot of different options. I mean, we wanted very specific choices to get the style that we really liked. We like a lot of the clean lines and Scandinavian stuff and more modern options. And Keystone definitely had those for us. So we ended up choosing Keystone and are absolutely loving that choice. 

David: In comparing different builders, we love that Keystone really takes pride in their workmanship and their craft. These houses are strong.

Brandy: I think also the people that we got to work with. From the very beginning, we met the project manager and our sales representative. Everyone was just so warm and welcoming and interested in our ideas and helping us achieve exactly what we were looking for.

What do you love about the Augusta model?

Brandy: So, when we came out, it was before anything had started being built and we were able to walk around and look at all the different models that were available to us. The Augusta, there was just something about it for two people and even if we decided to start a family, there was more than enough space, but it still felt cozy. It was exactly what we were looking for. We had the lower ceilings, we didn’t have to make a lot of modifications to work to make it exactly what we wanted. There were a lot of really great models though so it was tough to choose. Ultimately, we made the choice to go with the Augusta and it was definitely the right one for us.

David: Yeah, I agree with her about the coziness, that was kind of a key thing for us. We personally don't like a huge expansive room that we sort of get lost in. We like, you know, sort of cozier spaces. So, Keystone introduced us to another couple who had the same model home and a similar setup. We were able to go in there and we loved it. Now, we are friends with that couple to this day so, thank you Keystone!

In a few words, please describe your design experience!

Brandy: The design experience for some can feel a little overwhelming at first because there are so many options, but that is really the charm and beauty of it. We got to go into a really cool center and touch and interact with and put pieces of the house together that might not ever exist in the same room and really create that vision that we wanted. 

David:It was a very fun and exciting part of the process getting to see those things come to life.

What was the most challenging part of building your home? 

David: A challenging part of building the home was the wait. We built our house during the pandemic and it meant that some things were not going to happen as fast as we wanted. And that was no problem. And Keystone, you know, helped us through that and was very communicative about those things. And we really appreciate that. 

Brandy: The waiting was so challenging because you know what's coming and you just want to be able to be in that space that you created. As David said we were comforted and reassured every step of the way. And I think we still got in here really quick. It was still just about a year from start to finish. Just lovely. 

Why did you select the Garden Kitchen & Serenity Bath

Brandy:The kitchen is really the hero of any space that you're in and we wanted it to be inviting, but also very reflective of ourselves and our own style. So, we decided the space was perfect for us and something that we could really use and make the most of. 

Our Serenity Bath we ended up choosing our because we wanted a little more space just to interact and a couple of little more private spaces in the whole setup. Some of the other options were absolutely beautiful but this one gave us the space that we wanted.

Why did you choose Kellerton as a community?

Brandy:Mountains. We chose Kellerton as a community because of the mountains and because we could see the vision. We came out when there was nothing here, it was just a field, and walked around and saw the mountains. We are here next to Frederick which is just an amazing city to be in and we definitely have the ideal spot. It's a quick drive and we're right in the mix of every restaurant and store that you could ever want.

David:Not only that, but it's a quick drive to Washington, DC, and Baltimore. My parents are in Baltimore and we're there all the time and it's really easy for us to get there. We moved here from the city of Baltimore and we loved it there. We loved the action and the hustle and bustle and then we just reached a point in our life where we were like, no, we'd love to get a little more space, be near some nature.

What are you looking forward to in the next 5 years in your home? 

Brandy:In the next five years here, we definitely just want to get more settled in and establish roots both in the community at large and in Frederick, also here in Kellerton. One of my favorite spaces is outside and just watching the trees grow and the bushes and everything is just really coming in beautifully. So, I think in the next five years, it's going to feel just as cozy and homey as we envision it being when we moved it.

David:Cozier probably. The more time we spend here, the more we will be making this space our own, painting walls, and adding things.

What advice would you give to someone looking to build with Keystone?

Brandy: If I could give someone who’s considering buying and building with Keystone any advice, it would be to really communicate what it is that you want and to be open about it. This is your space, it’s going to be your space forever, and every person that we've worked with here has just been absolutely lovely. They're focused on us and what we want and making sure that we're happy. So, just being really open, and transparent. I would also recommend, just getting the closet organizers put in because, honestly, I've been trying to get those done for a year now and it's a mess! So, splurge a little bit, but you know, be choosy. Talk to your people, they want the best for you.

David:I would agree. Just be as honest as possible with the Keystone team about all of your concerns, whether it's financial or space or location from the get-go.

What would you do differently?

Brandy: I would say, if I could go back and do anything over, it would be the closet organizations. Like little things that you think, oh, I'll save a little bit here or there right along the way, at the end of the day, it doesn't amount to too much. It's actually way less of a headache than what happens later on. So that would be my pro tip. If you think you might want it just get it done.

David:As far as the choices we made, finishing certain parts of the basement, doing a couple of bump-outs, I have nothing that I would change!