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The Greatest Gift: Christmas Reflections From Jeff Rutt

Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or singing the sunny tune of Mele Kalikimaka, the Christmas season is upon us! It’s likely that you have been shopping for gifts for loved ones in recent days or weeks. But why do we give gifts? And what makes a good gift?

Why Give Gifts?

Gift giving has been a part of human interaction as long as we can remember. From expressions of gratitude to peace offerings, its purposes are plentiful. Gifts are thoughtful, even if you do get a vanilla candle for the third year in a row. They show sacrifice, whether it’s in the time spent picking it out or the money it costs. Gifts express love, especially when paired with a handwritten note.

Why Receive Gifts?

Have you ever thought about why you receive gifts? Or more importantly, how you receive them? Receiving a gift likely brings a smile to your face, knowing the other person had you in mind and went out of the way to get you something. Do you leave the gift for days or weeks to come? No! You tear into it, anxious to receive the joy of the gift! In the same way, what intangible gifts have you left unwrapped, just waiting to be opened?

The Greatest Gift At Christmas

The root of the word Christmas is Christ, God’s gift to us. During this season, Christians celebrate the coming of their King and the miraculous reconciliation to God through this Christ’s birth. This act of humility, from being born in a manger to sacrificing His life, is a gift for all. It represents the thoughtfulness, sacrifice, and love of God towards His creation. In response to this gift, wise men brought Jesus gifts. And many years later, we give gifts to one another in order to exemplify our love. Yet it is important not to forget the Greatest Gift we have received. Christ is the gift that outlives any toy or candle or device. You are invited to open this gift – it is waiting to be unwrapped and embraced.

Wishing You Christmas Joy & Many Blessings This Holiday Season,
Jeff Rutt

Merry Christmas From Keystone Custom Homes!


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