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Save More In An Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficiency is more important than ever. It affects the environment, the value of your home, and your monthly budget.

How do you know if your home is energy efficient?

Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) has developed an industry standard for measuring a home’s energy efficiency. The HERS or Home Energy Rating System is a nationally recognized index whereby certified RESNET raters conduct inspections and give an assessment on a home’s energy performance.

The lower, the better.

The HERS index rates homes on a scale of 0-150. Homes with a score of 0 are considered Net Zero Energy Homes, meaning that they produce as much energy through renewable sources as they consume. Homes with a score of 150 are 50% less energy efficient than a standard new home. This is a drain on your wallet as well as the environment.


A typical resale home will score 130, meaning that it is 30% less energy efficient than a new home. New construction, “code built” homes score 100. At Keystone Custom Homes, we want to go above and beyond to make your home comfortable and efficient for many years to come.

Keystone Custom Homes score an average of 61.6 on the HERS index. This makes KCH homes 40% more energy efficient than other new construction homes and 70% more energy efficient than a resale home!

Energy Star Certified

Keystone Custom Homes is proud to be Energy Star Certified in multiple counties in Maryland, further contributing to the efficiency our homes provide to customers! Learn more about Energy Star.


Buying a Keystone Custom Home gives you a beautiful, comfortable home while saving you money and minimizing your footprint. Choose from dozens of plans in over 40 communities throughout Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. Learn more about Keystone’s built-in energy efficiency.

Don’t have time to build? Choose from our new, quick delivery homes! They are ready for you to move in and still meet our high expectations for energy efficiency.

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