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MyKCH App: The Communication Hub for Your New Home

The MyKCH app, available exclusively to Keystone homeowners, provides unprecedented access to their home’s building process! Users log in and are able to see each step in the construction process including meetings, drafting, permitting, and construction checkpoints.

Communication is Key

Homeowners have access to their entire team through the MyKCH App – from New Home Advisor, to Designer, to Construction Manager – all in one centralized location. Send messages, questions, and photos to your team and get direct answers. This reduces the hassle of searching through emails or texts, and keeps the whole team in the loop all the time.

“We were living in California during construction so we checked it daily for the picture updates and progress. We felt as if we were part of the process and it kept us informed.”

-Wanda & Mike S.

Download the MyKCH App

The MyKCH App is available on Apple and Android/Google devices.

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