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Meet The Team: Dawn Herr

Congratulations to Dawn Herr on 20 years with Keystone Custom Homes! We are thankful for Dawn's daily work as part of our Operations and Conveyance Teams. Learn more about Dawn's experience and her time at Keystone. 

How many anniversary trips have you been on with Keystone? What has been your biggest takeaway from a HOPE Trip?

I have had the great opportunity to be on four HOPE trips.  My first was the 5-year DR trip, followed by a DR trip with all of our lender partners.  Next was the 10-year milestone trip to Africa and the most recent was to the DR again with Keystone team members.  All of these trips were eye-opening and transforming experiences. It is the natural instinct to immediately be struck by the differences between our world and the other poverty-stricken areas we visited.  However, if you focus on what is similar the experience is much more impactful.  The similarity is Community, the warmth and friendliness of the people are immediately noticed making you feel welcomed.  The trip/experience immerses you into their culture, customs, and way of life.  It can be challenging witnessing the poverty, lack of education, and basic needs but it also is a quick reminder of how privileged we are. The joy in simple things from the people we visited shines through! That is my biggest takeaway, but my favorite is the team being able to connect in a way outside of work. 

    What do you enjoy about being on the Ops team at Keystone?

    Being on the Ops Team gives me the opportunity to have a role in the direction of the company, be a part of solving challenges, finding ways to adapt to change.  I feel it gives me an opportunity for personal growth as well as professional. 

    Favorite Customer Story!

    There are so many favorite customer stories that I cannot narrow it down to one, but it is so gratifying and extremely heartwarming when we have children come to closing and they leave in tears because we have literally just built their dream home!

    Fun Fact about you!

    A fun fact about me is I do some part-time catering which also comes in handy at work and with our culture.   I love bringing the team together for events and feeding them always makes it even more satisfying.  My favorite event is always one that involves some healthy competition!

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