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Meet The Kubitza's | Covington Farmhouse

Meet the Kubitza Family - owners of a beautiful Covington Farmhouse in our Castlecove Village community located in Trappe, Pennsylvania!

Check out their full story & reasons behind their unique home features.

Why did you choose Keystone specifically tobuildyour new home?  

For us,choosing Keystone was a lot about the quality and being able to pick and design the home and customize it to look the way we wanted. 

Did you involve your kids in the design/selection process? If so, how? 

While we were in the selection process, walking through the individual model homes with our kids was a fun experience allowing them to choose the style of room they wanted and seeingthe different options they could select as well. It just made it a good family experience. There are a lotof design choices which was great but also challenging.  

What do you love about the Covington floorplan? 

We loved the way the Covington felt. If you had people in the Family Room the Dining Room and the Kitchen, they could all conversate and talk together but we didn't feel like it was so open that you were always in the same room. If we wanted a dinner party around the dining room table, we could easily have that but if we wanted to have a large gathering everybody was together as well. 

Why did you pick the Classic Kitchen?Whatareyour Favorite features? 

Some things that were important to us were having larger cabinets so a lot more storage space up to the ceilings and having a large island with the extra storage. There wasalso the serving space for when we entertain and have guests over. Also being able to customize and add the Breakfast Area and serving nook and having more counterspace for our coffee pots andallthe coffee that we drink. 

Why did you pick the Cascade Bath? Favorite features? 

When we designed the Cascade Bath, we did not realize at least early on that you could pick the tile. We were inspired by one of the pictures that Keystone had on their website and went a similar route, and we really liked the way that it turned out. 

What was the most challenging part of building your home? 

I think the most challenging part of building a new home really is the waiting period. We just really wanted to move in, so we started to get anxious and excited about the home you are going to be building and the life you are going to live in that home. 

Whatinspired you to document your homebuilding journey on Instagram? 

We wanted to document our experience building with Keystone on Instagram to share with our friends and family. My daughter really loved doing that with me and the experience around creating the transitions and the videos. We did one where we jumped in front of the home while it was in framing and once it was finished which was fun!  This created an enjoyable experience for her to see how a home is built and how you can create cool content along the way. The kids were able to come to the home almost every week and see the different phases and stages of the construction process which is a really cool experience.  

What are you looking forward to in the next 5 years in your home? 

We chose this to be a forever home and so I'm excited to host a lot more holidays here to watch our kids grow up and hit milestones as they get older and go through school. I just can't wait to do that with the community the friends and the family we've built around here so far. 

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