How to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

106 Freys RoadWith so many factors to consider, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be intimidating. Follow our simple tips to make this Thanksgiving as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

It is that time of year where you spend hours in the kitchen to make sure that everything goes just right for your Thanksgiving meal. Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated holiday meals, making the stakes high for creating the perfect experience. Hosting your family’s Thanksgiving or even a “Friendsgiving” can be intimidating to say the least. However, planning ahead can go a long way and by following these simple tips, you’ll be able to have more time to relax and enjoy family and friends.

Create a guest list
By keeping track of who will be attending your Thanksgiving festivities, you can plan how much food you need to make for all your hungry guests. While creating the list, you should also decide whether or not you plan to have your guest help by bringing parts of the meal or even desserts. Alternatively, you could ask guests to come early to help in the kitchen as their contribution. Having your guests assist with the meal will help lighten your load on the day and free up some time to sit down and relax.

Prep for turkey time 
The most important part of your Thanksgiving meal is the turkey and if often what people look forward to most! When figuring out what size turkey, take into account that each person will eat about 1 to 1 ½ pounds of turkey. This means that if you have eight people coming for Thanksgiving dinner then you will want to purchase an 8 to 12-pound turkey.

Plan your menu
Once you have confirmed the number of guests attending and who is bringing what to the dinner, it’s time to sit down and plan your menu. A list of all your dishes prior to starting to cook will allow you to get everything organized prior to the main event. Make special note of dishes that can be made kept frozen and which ones should be made the same day as your dinner.

Shop ‘til you drop
After planning your menu, head to the grocery store to get all the ingredients you will need before the big day. Take the time to check in your cabinets and pantry before heading out to save you money and avoid cluttering up your kitchen with duplicate items. No matter how thorough your list is, you might still forget a vital ingredient—maybe you didn’t purchase enough bread crumbs or ran out of thyme—so make sure to build in extra time in your schedule in case you need to make multiple trips to the grocery store. By leaving yourself plenty of time, you can cross things off your list slowly and prevent last minute stress and panic.

Undoubtedly, preparing a Thanksgiving meal and making sure everything goes well can be stressful. However, by taking these simple steps you’ll reduce your stress and make sure that this is a happy holiday for you and your loved ones to remember. Give your family the perfect gift this holiday season by moving into your brand new home in Lancaster, visit for more details.