Design a Room that will Grow with Your Child

BuckhmPresrv759How to Design a Room That Will Grow With Your Child

Designing a children’s room can be very challenging as their tastes and preferences are ever-changing as the grow. We have compiled ideas for how to create a space your children will love throughout the years!

Wall Décor

Before you order the pastel pink or blue wallpaper, remember your baby won’t be little for very long. Think long term and save money on redecorating. Look for décor that can be easily removed and furniture that can multitask or be cheaply updated. When it comes to wall décor, instead of wallpaper that can become easily outdated, use transfer stickers that can easily be removed or changed as your child grows. Picture frames are a great idea for décor. As your child grows you can easily swap out photos or paintings geared more toward their age. When painting the room, use bold colors that aren’t too gender specific. Children love vibrant colors. You can even paint just one wall with a bold color so that it can be easily changed in the future.

Furniture Choices

Now that you have so tips for décor, let’s focus on furniture. Ever heard of a convertible cot? For longevity, buy a cotbed that converts into a toddler-sized bed. That way from birth to age 6 you won’t have to worry about purchasing both a crib and a bed.  Instead of investing a bulky changing table that has a very limited lifespan, just invest in a chest of drawers that you can add raised sides and a changing pad to saving you time and money. Look for toy chests that can double as storage for newborn items and toys as they grow. Shelves are always long lasting and you can store needed items when they are small and transfer books to them as they learn to read.

Follow these simple tips and you will have a children’s room that will grow with your child!