Fourth of July Events Near Lancaster

Memorial DayWhat better way to spend Fourth of July weekend than watching fireworks after you sold a new Keystone Custom Home to one of your clients? Our new communities in Lancaster are not far from the delightful towns that show off their fireworks every year. Lititz Springs Park and Longs Park provide fun activities for your friends and family. This July, the parks are hosting their annual fireworks shows, which are a must-see. Though each park celebrates Independence Day in a unique way, you’ll still have a blast!

By selling new homes in Lancaster, there is fun and entertainment right at your fingertips. Lititz Spring Park is home to the Wilbur Chocolate Factory and a variety of shops and entertainment that are perfect for all ages. This Saturday, get ready to have a memorable weekend with lively entertainment and activities. Prepare your young ones for cookie-making, storytelling and games, while you enjoy bands and recitals that last throughout the day. By the end of the evening, it will feel nice to sit down and watch the fireworks that have been representing America’s Independence for centuries. Here is a fun-packed schedule that your family will greatly enjoy.

Not only can you visit historic Lititz and see the fireworks on Saturday, but Longs Park is hosting its fireworks show on Sunday. Imagine having two days to celebrate the Fourth of July with friends and family! If you like having traditions, Longs Park puts on the perfect show for you. Visit on Sunday, July 5 and be surrounded by food, fun and entertainment. At Longs Park, you will share a beautiful, open field with other people in the community as you listen to the U.S. Army Concert Band. They play traditional marching music and have cannons shoot off before the fireworks begin. Although the fireworks show is not on Independence Day, it is the perfect way to end a weekend, before selling another home.

Don’t miss a weekend full of fun right in these small, historic towns of Lancaster!