Choosing the Right Paint Colors For Your Lancaster New Home

Lancaster homeHave you recently bought a new home? Congrats! Now, it’s time to start picking paint colors!

Whether you’re a first time home buyer in Lancaster or this is your third home, choosing a color scheme is always a challenge. That’s why Keystone Custom Homes is here to help you with some color picking tips:

1.    Start by picking colors for the formal areas. The living room, dining room and entry way are all core spaces of the home. So, choosing a color scheme for these areas first may help in deciding colors for the other rooms.

2.    What mood do you want the room to give off? The colors you choose will really speak as to what you want the vibe of the room to be. Different colors mean different things. For instance, blue is associated with productivity, green with tranquility, lavender with calming and the list goes on. What color makes you feel good? Trends will come and go, but you’re not going to repaint your home every weekend. If you’re not exactly sure what color reflects you, read to the next tip.

3.    Look at the items you are going to place in the space. From a rug to a couch to a large piece of artwork, these colors can be inspiration for narrowing down color choices for the room. You could look at the color of your furniture and either tone the color down or highlight it on the walls. You can then highlight these colors in other smaller rooms to make the color scheme flow.

4.    Look at your closet and the colors that your wear. This is a great tip from HGTV’s article, How to Choose a Color Scheme. Chances are you don’t wear colors that make you look bad. Pick colors that will highlight you, because you’re living there!

Paint what makes you happy, pick a color that makes you feel good and that even looks good on you. Mix different shades of that color in other rooms, and add colors from different pieces of furniture. Paint picking doesn’t have to be hard. It should be fun!